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WIMP Programs

Yet another Script driven Application and File Launcher, Text Insertion Tool and Macro Button Bar application.
Also includes some useful BASIC programs that can be run automatically in a TaskWindow.
Reasonably versatile and easy to configure, better than some I've seen - maybe not as good as some others.

Manually enter or import numbers by any method and in any prefixed base, convert them to Decimal, Hexadecimal and
Binary and display the results, the value can then be exported in either format.
The additional features that make !BitWise stand out from other simple conversion applications are that the Binary
display is interactive, great for creating flags and bit patterns, and the application also allows simple Logical
Operations to be performed on the current value using OS_EvaluateExpression.
There is also a CPSR Flags window where two values can be entered and the results of using CMP, CMN, TST and TEQ can be
observed on the NZCV flags. The relevant Assembley language conditional codes that are valid after the operation are
also displayed.

This application will output a formatted Catalogue of a selected Directory in Text, CSV or TSV format. It will also
Compare and/or Synchronise two Directories against each other.
!Catonic allows full control over which items in the Directories are Catalogued, Compared or Synchronised and will
report all the results and actions taken, including any warnings about the Directory and Files in the output file.
New to Version 3 of !Catonic is the ability to create AutoRun Scripts that can be set up to Catalogue, Compare or
Synchronise Directories on a regular basis. Any individual Script can be run manually or all the Active Scripts can be
run automatically, either from the Scripts Window, the Iconbar Menu or from an Obey File as a Command Line option.
Additional warning and reporting options have been included and better error checking and error reporting routines are
!Catonic can now check Directories and Image Files for non-sequential object names and will not Synchronise within any
Directory or Subdirectory that has non-sequential object names in it. If any problems with files or the directory
structure are encountered while synchronizing the application will stop synchronization and report the errors.
Also, !Catonic will check the objects DateStamp to be within sensible limits and the FileType contained in the Load and
Exec Addresses to be valid.
The Zip file also contains an updated StrongED Mode designed especially for viewing the output from !Catonic.

The application is designed to make it as easy as possible to set and alter the DEFAULT settings for HP LaserJet
Printers and to send RISC OS Text based files to the printer using the HP Printer Job Language (PJL).
It also allows SelfTests and TypeLists to be generated by the HP Printer and also prints out character maps.
NB : This Application will ONLY work with modern HP (and HP compatibles ?) that are at least PCL version 5e(extended)
or PCL 6 Printers, earlier models do not have PJL in the firmware.
A new version of !PJLcmnd is at the alpha stage. This version will selectively reformat text files to any font and
paper size and give a WYSIWYG output display of the text in the selected HP Internal Font as long as you have the
RISCOS versions of these fonts.
If anyone does regularly dump text to HP Printers, most people seem to use DTP, and you want to be able to control the
use of the Internal Fonts then an alpha test version of !PJLcmnd and the HP Fonts are available.

Will display a Message Window on screen for 5 seconds.
Called by using *Windy MESSAGE  or  by Running the App and including the MESSAGE in the Command Line.
Read the !Help file for details